Legal services

Guangdong Guanghe Law Firm provides legal Customs services for about 10 years in China. We provide full range of legal services including but not limited to consultation, litigation and non-litigation cases, defense of criminal smuggling suspects, foreign trade, commodity inspection, customs protection of intellectual properties, customs duty, and trade investigations. The major services are as follows: 

1) Advising or representing of clients on duty collections and recovery, customs external audits, Inspection over custom duties.   


2) Consulting and acting for clients on custom clearances, custom supervisions and controls, processing trade, commodity inspections and quarantine, foreign trade controls, trade investigations, foreign exchange verification, and export tax rebates. 


3) Providing legal assistance, advice and defence of criminal smuggling suspects. 


4) Assisting with handling or responding to customí»s external audits(EA), inspection over bonded operations, querying commodity classification and declared value, negotiation on dutiable value, laboratory analyses and inspections, custom administrative penalties, custom administrative reconsideration, and applying for custom administrative licenses. 


5) Applying for duty reductions and exemptions, advance commodity classifications, clearance registration, establishment of bonded warehouses and export supervised warehouses, re-testing of custom laboratory analyses and inspections. 


6) Dealing with appeals or re-appeals of valid custom administrative penalties, duty collections, and custom administrative litigation. 


7) Applying to China Customs for recording and protection of intellectual property rights, providing general security for Customs protection of intellectual properties, releasing the detained suspected infringing goods after a security provided, and taking legal proceedings against intellectual property infringement. 


8) Providing long-term or special legal advisory service to our clients in areas listed above.